Commitment and social responsibility are part of our culture and our values that are applied daily in every activity we perform. Elementia is committed to sustainable development, convinced it is the appropriate way to achieve long-term viability as a Company and as a Country. As a result, we have developed support programs for the communities where our productive facilities are based and we have reached an agreement with Universities in those areas, to establish joint training programs.

In compliance with social responsibility, Elementia gives a monthly donation to Fundación Kaluz, A.C., to help those who have less. The Foundation destines the donations to benefit charitable work, cover basic nutrition, clothing and living requirements and to provide life quality improvement by encouraging education, health, sports, arts and entertainment activities.

Hoping that social responsibility becomes everyone’s commitment, through “Fondo Unido” we’ve developed support programs for the communities where we operate. Our employees, aware of each community’s particular necessities, contribute voluntarily to the fund. Our employees are in charge of the campaign to create awareness and promote volunteer donations. Taking into consideration what is established by Fondo Unido, our employees define the funds allocation, and must then be verified by the committees. Every year, the percentage of participation and amount collected has increased, benefiting our communities and most importantly, making our people part of the solution..

Scope of Models of Social Business Responsibility
  ESR Global Pact GRI
Focus on: General public, customers, NGO´S, and Mexican government authorities. General public, consumers, NGO’S, government authorities worldwide. Investors, financial institutions, government organizations and world NGO’S
Letter addressed to: Social Responsibility Director of CEMEFI. General Secretary of the UN Investors and stakeholders in general
Objective: Develop nationwide Social Business Responsibility Compliance of agreements and international treaty Improve the company’s economic, social and environmental development
Scope: Mexico. Worldwide. Worldwide.
Areas/Themes: Quality of life in the company, business ethics, community support, protection and preservation of the environment Human Rights, Labor Law, Environment, Fight against Corruption Economics, Socials, and Environmental
Benefits Improvement of the Company Image and Reputation through Social Business Responsibility practices, gaining the trust of our clients and government authorities Improvement of Business Practices in Human Rights, Labor Law, Environment and Fight against Corruption. Establish adequate trust levels with the communities where we operate Measurement and improvement of the company’s Social, Economic and Environmental performance, gaining trust of investors and financial institutions
Certificate or Recognition Official letter of awarding of the SRB (ESR) Distinction and logotype use license Publication of the Partnership and Progress Report (CoP) on the Global Pact’s Web Declaration of GRI’s application level (C, C+, B, B+, A, A+)
Auditable by third parties: Yes, by CEMEFI and interest groups Yes, by interest groups Yes, by shareholder auditors and interest groups

ESR (Socially Responsible Business) emblem

What’s the ESR® emblem meaning?

The ESR® emblem is a Mexican recognition, annually awarded by CEMEFI (Mexican Center for Philanthropy) and AliaRSE (Alliance for Social Responsibility)

This emblem not only adds value and profitability to the brand, but also accredits the company with its employees, investors, clients, authorities and society in general, as a voluntarily and publically committed organization with socially responsible management as part of its culture and business strategy

The ESR® emblem is not a one time commitment; it has to be renewed annually in order to keep the culture of social responsibility alive

As of February 2012, Elementia has been awarded the ESR emblem by CEMEFI for all its companies in Mexico: Metals, Asbestos Cement and Cement.

UN Global Pact

The Global Pact is a volunteer initiative in which companies are compromised to align their strategies and operations with ten universally accepted principles in four themes areas:

  • Human rights
  • Labor standards
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption

Due to the number of participants, six thousand in more than 135 countries, the Global Pact is the world’s largest corporate initiative. The pact is a framework for the construction and social authentication of corporations and markets. The companies that adhere to the Global Pact share the same conviction regarding labor practices based on universal principles as they contribute to shape a stable, equitable and inclusive global market that promotes successful societies.

As of October 2011, Elementia adhered to the UN Global Compact adopting its vision and corporate guidelines, in this way eliminating isolated efforts in the fulfillment of their social responsibility commitments.